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3 Inch Net Cup Pots Wide Lip Rim with Self Watering Wick & Plant Labels for Hydroponic Aquaponics System Mason Jar Bucket Box Container Garden Setup Orchid Vegetable Gardening Growing Baskets-Free Shipping


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  • Net pot for hydroponic & Aquaponics: net cup pots works perfectly for hydroponic setup system, wide mouth Kratky quart mason jar, passive bucket Kratky method, indoor aquaponics garden, self watering 5 five gallon bucket, aquaponics tanks, automatic watering PVC pipe tube tub hydroponics gardening float system, aeroponics setup, container garden project, rain gutter grow system, cloning propagation system, Deepwater culture hydroponic, NFC DWC deep water culture rafts hydroponics kit.
  • Anywhere year round provides fresh veggies: new growing methods with clay pebbles and rock wool to provide fresh delicious vegetables Year Round including winter, small herbs such as lettuce, tomatoes, parsley, peppers, basil, rosemary, strawberries, chives, cilantro, lavender lemon balm, oregano, peppermint, sage, tarragon, thyme, rocket salad, cress, spinach, mustard & carnivorous plants etc. Engraftment basket for greenhouse, window seal, enclosed porch, basement, deck, green house, garden.
  • wide lip more flexibility to fit into pre-drilled holes & reusable: 3.2" extra wide lip design on top makes it easy to fit & helps keep it in place & lends more flexibility to the hole-saw you use, as you don't have to be as precise with your hole cutting. Fit is just right for a 3" hole saw. Rim is wide enough that they will not fall through the pre-drilled holes in the Styrofoam, grow beds or aquaponics tanks. Cups are heavy duty durable, therefore can be reused after you pick the plant.
  • Slotted mesh air circulation perfect for orchid & holding growing medium: net pots with unique slotted mesh open & airy design perfect for orchids. Great air flow & drainage make it almost impossible to over water or "wet feet". The roots will have the air circulation they need. Sturdy, yet pliable, no rough edges and enough mesh & gaps with right amount of spacing for holding your expanded clay pellets in while letting plenty of water through. The soil does not fall out of the sides or bottoms.
  • Come with self watering wick & plant labels: comes with 30 feet self watering wick and 30 pcs plant labels. With orimerc self watering wick cord rope to make DIY automatic self-watering planter pot, vacation self watering system waterer for potted plants or African Violet, auto irrigation wicking hydroponic device; Reusable plant labels to mark what type of seed you plant and to remind you what's where and ideal for identifying seedlings or potted plants without getting in the way.