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500mL Small Watering Can for Indoor House Plants Flower Succulent Bonsai Terrarium Seedling Orchid Cactus Violet LDPE Plastic Squeeze Safety Lab Wash Bottle Label Tattoo Device Precise Waterer-Free Shipping


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Small Size & Durable Material & Easy Use: little plants watering bottle’s capacity is 500ML 17ounce, perfect size for tiny indoor mini-potted plants & pots. This plant watering device is made of durable LDPE plastic with elasticity, easy to squeeze out water, quick to reflate. Small watering can could be used in upright position by squeezing. Mini watering can is very handy to use, you will spill any water with this and no after drips, suitable for water, plant nutrient, plant food (liquid).
Plants Watering Can With 100% Leak-less O-ring: Orimerc succulent watering bottle is the only one with LEAKLESS gummi O-ring among all the similar watering gadgets on the market. 100% no water leaks from lid. 100% No AIR LEAKS to keep all air pressure inside the bottle to make your watering much easier & steady. Perfect for small indoor house and office plants with tiny pots, such as succulent, terrarium, hanging plants, cactus, African violets, orchids, kalanchoes and morning glory vines.
Precise & Easy Watering Hard-to reach Areas: flower watering can’s bend nozzle makes it so easy to get water to the root & soil and not all over the plant with slow watering. Tiny watering can’s narrow spout is perfect for watering terrarium, African violet, all plants in which you want to water the soil and keep the leaves dry; great at watering hard to reach soil spots. The bent nose gives you the right amount of control with the water output and aim, very easy to get into crowded plant areas.
Safety Wash Bottle: wash bottle to wash lab wares and to store washing solutions, such as deionized water or acetone. Cleaning bottle is great for laundry purposes-pre spotting white clothes with diluted bleach. Squeezing plastic wash bottles filled with dish washing soap and these dispense just a few drops of the soap and great for rinsing soap out of very tight spots; plants squeeze water bottle is also good for squirting a quick shot of water to get the attention of a misbehaving cat or pup.
90-days Warranty Replacement & Refund: this squeeze water bottle for plants widely used for watering indoor plants without dripping everywhere. Replacement for Orimerc 500ml watering can, or repaired parts for Orimerc plant flower succulent watering bottle, or refund for Orimerc gardening small water can, shall be covered within the Limited Warranty Period. NOTE: Pots for demonstration purpose only, not included. The O-ring comes inside the bottle, please take it out then insert into the cap.